Welcome to the Wiki as a teaching tool

Teach everyone than a WIKI can be a good tool for learning

The WikiEdit

The wiki is a tool created by the web 2.0 to create web pages, whose content can be edited by multiple users through any browser.

using the wiki for teachingEdit

The WIKI serves as support classroom material since: Integra different media types: text, image, audio, video, links, presentations and applications Web 2.0, also includes various loose activity over the network and can classify them thematically, by levels and sequences. This allows attend of specialized  way to the needs of students, presenting activities that can be refresher or enlarging


The WIKI is the fastest way to create a website where users can contribute their knowledge on a particular topic to make it more complete.

Educational field teachers and students participate creating and publishing curriculum in the classroom, its importance is that students combine their learning with technology equally  motivate teamwork for new learning.

The wiki has several advantages in the education field:

It serves as a teaching tool for classroom teaching.

It is a point of interaction between all members of the educational community to improve teaching learning processes.

It allows a methodological change with the introduction of ICT as a new way of learning.

If we use a Wiki with students we can teach them that:

Read, think and reflect.

Write your own work and interact with the work of others, improving their ability to write.

Investigate, search and contrast information.

Develop their critical thinking.

Share, publish and disseminate their work.

Photos and videos are a great way to add visuals to your wiki. Find videos about your topic by exploring Wikia's Video Library.

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